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Figure 3

From: A qPCR-based metric of Th2 airway inflammation in asthma

Figure 3

Relationship between FEV 1 changes in response to ICS and baseline Th2 airway inflammation in asthma. Percent change in pre-bronchodilator FEV1 is relative to week 0 (baseline). A. Percent change in FEV1 at 2 (gray solid circles), 4 (black solid circles) and 8 (open circles) weeks, versus Th2 airway inflammation measured by the three-gene-mean at baseline, and associated least-squares linear regression lines. B. Mean percent change in FEV1 stratified by a dichotomous Th2 grouping, with Th2-high defined as a three-gene-mean greater than a value of 0.1, as suggested by the midline between the peaks for subjects with asthma not on ICS in Figure 1. Dotted and solid lines represent Th2-low and Th2-high subjects respectively. Error bars are standard error of the mean. * statistically significant (see text).

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