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Table 4 Level of usefulness of different forms of information

From: Living with severe allergy: an Anaphylaxis Campaign national survey of young people

Form of information Mean scores (SD)
General tips and advice to deal with severe allergies 2.74 (1.49)
Medical information surrounding anaphylaxis 3.09 (1.53)
Web-based services for young people living with anaphylaxis 3.17 (1.38)
An online forum (where young people can talk to others with similar severe allergies) 3.55 (1.77)
Downloadable resources such as mobile phone applications 3.71 (1.79)
Someone to talk to (i.e. meet up face to face) about your concerns 4.66 (1.58)
  1. 1 = most useful and 6 = least useful.