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Table 2 Main concerns regarding allergy

From: Living with severe allergy: an Anaphylaxis Campaign national survey of young people


N (%)

Restricted diet/can’t try different food/restaurants

61 (12%)

Worried about having an anaphylactic shock/reaction (when out) and not being able to deal with it/nobody to help

61 (12%)

Having to constantly ask/check/find out what foods contain/whether contain nuts etc.

51 (10%)

Life threatening condition/could be fatal/serious

40 (8%)

Can’t eat same as friends/family/have to order different things

36 (7%)

Other people’s ignorance/lack of understanding

34 (7%)

Concerns with food packaging/labelling (too vague, too cautious etc.)

29 (6%)

Restricts/limits my life

24 (5%)