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Figure 4

From: Novel birch pollen specific immunotherapy formulation based on contiguous overlapping peptides

Figure 4

Human basophil degranulation assay. Panel A: Basophils from two subjects allergic to birch (circle and square symbols) were activated by rBet v 1, AllerT, T4-T5 or T6-T7-T8 mixes at indicated concentrations. Panel B: Basophils from a non-allergic donor were pre-incubated with sera from 3 subjects allergic to birch (circles, squares and triangles) and incubated with the indicated concentrations of rBet v 1 and AllerT. Degranulation is expressed as the percentage of CD63 positive basophils. Panel C: Rat basophils expressing hu FcϵRI were pre-incubated with sera from 10 subjects allergic birch and reacted with either rBet v 1 or AllerT (filled and open symbols respectively). Results were grouped by IgE class levels as determined by the ImmunoCAP assay (classes 4 to 6; n= 3 or 4 sera per class). Hexosaminidase release is expressed as the percentage of release induced by anti-total IgE antiserum.

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