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Figure 3

From: Novel birch pollen specific immunotherapy formulation based on contiguous overlapping peptides

Figure 3

BALB/c mice sensitization and in vivo challenge. Mice were sensitized to rBet v 1 by injecting 0.1 μg rBet v 1 adsorbed to 1 mg Aluminum hydroxide. rBet v 1-specific IgE (panel A), IgG1 (panel B) and IgG2a (panel C) were measured in mice serum harvested immediately before the next injection. Results were expressed as means ± SD. Panel D. Rectal temperature was recorded at indicated time points following 30 μg rBet v 1() or 190 μg AllerT (■) i.p. challenge at day 84 of the immunization protocol.

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