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Figure 1

From: Novel birch pollen specific immunotherapy formulation based on contiguous overlapping peptides

Figure 1

Human IgE competition assays. rBet v 1-specific IgE were measured by ELISA in sera from individual birch pollen allergic patients pre-incubated with increasing concentrations of either rBet v 1 or COPs as indicated on the X axis. Panel A: Sera from six allergic patients (indicated by various symbol shapes) were pre-incubated with either rBet v 1 (black symbols), AllerT (grey symbols), T4-T5 (open symbols) and T6-T8 (crossed circles). Panel B: Individual COPs T1, T2 and T3 were tested separately with serum from a representative patient as indicated in the Figure (control rBet v 1, black circles). Panel C: Sera from three allergic individuals was reacted with either T4 or T5 (black & white symbols) alone or control rBet v 1 (black symbols). Inhibition of binding is expressed as the inverse of the percentage of residual IgE binding to Bet v 1.

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