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Figure 6

From: The 11S globulin Sin a 2 from yellow mustard seeds shows IgE cross-reactivity with homologous counterparts from tree nuts and peanut

Figure 6

Comparison of the IgE-binding hot spots among allergenic 11S globulins and localization on the 3D structure of Sin a 2 and Ara h 3. A) Table showing the percentage of identity (% I) and similarity (% S) of the five IgE hot spots described in 11S globulins from almond (Pru du 6), hazelnut (Cor a 9), pistachio (Pis v 2), walnut (Jug r 4) and peanut (Ara h 3) with respect to mustard (Sin a 2). B) Location of the IgE hot spots on the molecular surface of the modelled 3D structure of Sin a 2 and on the 3D structure of Ara h 3. Hot spot regions on the 3D structures are colored in orange (hot spot 1), green (hot spot 2), yellow (hot spot 3), blue (hot spot 4) or red (hot spot 5).

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