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Figure 3

From: The release of IL-31 and IL-13 after nasal allergen challenge and their relation to nasal symptoms

Figure 3

Correlation trends of cytokine levels with nasal symptom scores and each other. A, B and E: Symptom scores with IL-13 concentrations (A), IL-13 contents (B) and IL-31 contents (E); C, F: Obstruction with IL-13 contents (C) and IL-31 contents (F); D: IL-13 and IL-31 concentrations. Nasal symptoms were calculated as the mean of secretion, obstruction and itching (visual analog scale (VAS)). The corresponding correlation coefficients and p-values calculated by the Spearman rank test as well as the Kendall´s tau test are depicted in Tables1 and2 (n = 7).

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