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Table 4 Effect of vitamin C on the C-ACT level: parameters estimating the effect modification by age and baseline C-ACT

From: Vitamin C and asthma in children: modification of the effect by age, exposure to dampness and the severity of asthma

Variable Effect of vitamin C on the C-ACT levela)
Age 7.0 yr, baseline C-ACT 13 points +2.12 (SE 0.65)
Age (per year over 7.0 yr) -0.52 (SE 0.22)
Baseline C-ACT (per point over 13) +0.46 (SE 0.13)
  1. a) These parameters are from the linear model for the arithmetic increase in C-ACT described in the footnote of Table 3. SE, standard error. This model predicts, for example, that a 9-yr old child with baseline C-ACT of 19 would have 3.84 point increase in C-ACT by vitamin C administration which is close to that observed (3.7) for the older children with baseline C-ACT 18 or 19 in Table 3.