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Table 2 Allergenic proteins characterized in shellfish and other invertebrates

From: Not all shellfish "allergy" is allergy!

Group Tropomyosin Arginine kinase Myosin light chain Sarcoplasmic binding protein
Crustacea Crab (Cha f 1)
North Sea shrimp (Cra c 1)
American lobster (Hom a 1)
Whiteleg shrimp (Lit v 1)
Shrimp (Pen a 1, Pen i 1)
Spiny lobster (Pen s 1)
Black tiger shrimp (Pen m 1)
North Sea shrimp (Cra c 2)
Whiteleg shrimp (Lit v 2)
Black tiger shrimp (Pen m 2)
Brine shrimp (Art fr 5)
North Sea shrimp (Cra c 5)
American lobster (Hom a 3)
Whiteleg shrimp (Lit v 3)
Black tiger shrimp (Pen m 3)
North Sea shrimp (Cra c 4)
Whiteleg shrimp (Lit v 4)
Black tiger shrimp (Pen m 4)
Narrow-clawed crayfish (Pon l 4)
Mollusca Pacific oyster (Cra g 1)
Abalone (Hal d 1)
Brown garden snail (Hel as 1)
Scallop (Mim n 1)
Tropical green mussel (Per v 1)
Squid (Tod p 1)
Other invertebrates Anisakis simplex (Ani s 3)
Common roundworm (Asc l 3)
German cockroach (Bla g 7)
Blomia Tropicalis mite (Blo t 10)
Midge (Chi k 10)
House dust mite (Der f 10, Der p 10)
Storage mite (Lep d 10, Tyr p 10)
Silverfish (Lep s 1)
American cockroach (Per a 7)
Silk moth (Bomb m 1)
House dust mite (Der p 20)
American cockroach (Per a 9)
Indianmeal moth (Plo i 1)
German cockroach (Bla g 8)