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Table 1 Instruments used in allergic rhinitis and in chronic rhinosinusitis

From: Diagnostic tools in Rhinology EAACI position paper

   Generic Disease specific
Allergic rhinitis    
  Children   Pediatric RQLQ, adolescent RQLQ
  Adults SF-36, SF-12, 15D [23], EuroQol 5D RQLQ, standardized RQLQ, mini-RQLQ, Nocturnal Quality of Life Questionnaire (NQLQ) [24], Rhinitis Outcome Questionnaire [25] #, Rhinitis Symptom Utility Index (RSUI)
Chronic rhinosinusitis    
  Children (CHQ) [26] SN-5 quality of life survey [27]
  Adults SF-36, SF-12, McGill pain questionnaire (MPQ), EuroQol 5D, Glasgow benefit inventory (GBI) Rhinosinusitis Outcome Measurement (RSOM-31) [18] #, Rhinosinusitis Disability index (RSDI) #, sinonasal outcome test 16 (SNOT-16) [28] #, SNOT-20#, Chronic sinusitis survey (CSS) [29], RhinoQol [30], Sinusitis outcomes questionnaire (SOQ) [31]
  1. # for use in clinical practice