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Table 1 Wines produced for the study. Concentrations of the fining agents used correspond to the ones used in commercial wines apart from w7 and w11 where agents were used at the highest possible concentrations.

From: Risk of allergic reactions to wine, in milk, egg and fish-allergic patients

Code Type of fining agent Final concentration of fining agent
w1 control for casein fined wines (-)
w2 Casein 120 mg/lt
w3 Casein 150 mg/lt
w4 Casein 200 mg/lt
w5 Casein 350 mg/lt
w6 Casein 450 mg/lt
w7 Casein 1000 mg/lt
w8 control for egg & isinglass fined wines (-)
w9 ovalbumin (egg white) ~50 mg/lt (~750 mg/lt)
w10 Isinglass 20 mg/lt
w11 Isinglass 60 mg/lt